With our many years of experience in training and education, we will provide one of a kind trainings to your staff on awareness, prevention and response to physical and digital threats.

Security training

Our individualized and standardized training courses set standards in modern methodology and didactics.

Our trainers are highly qualified through personal experience, academic training and certified courses.

Travel security training

training pyramid

Our risk based approach and your specific requirements will allow us to propose the right training level for you.

We take into account crucial factors such as the project location, the travel destinations, the project duration, the number of travelers as well as their origin, age, gender and their activities.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Three to five day special training to prepare for complex (dangerous) environments; small groups, challenging content, extensive practical scenario training. 

High Risk Awareness Training (HRAT)

Two to three day intensive training with preparation for country-specific dangers and risks; presenting concrete scenarios.

Travel Security Awareness Training (TSAT), country specific

Country-specific one-day security awareness training for business trips, knowledge transfer through lectures, video analysis and role plays.

Travel Security Awareness Training (TSAT)

One-day security awareness training for business trips, knowledge transfer through lectures, video analysis and role plays.

E-learning travel security, webinars

Basic knowledge for business travelers; short duration (approx. 1 hour), knowledge transfer through online e-learning courses, live webinars or recorded presentations.

Training for war and high-risk areas for journalists

Journalists must be considered separately with their particular risk profile. Our HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) and HRAT (High-Risk Area Training) training courses are adapted in terms of content and methodology to the specific needs of journalists and media staff.

Particularly in the area of investigative journalism in high-risk environments, specific communication methods are necessary to ensure the security and confidentiality of journalistic work.

Security training and workshops for decision-makers

We train you in bespoke training courses and workshops:

  • Corporate security
  • Crisis team training
  • Active shooter and workplace violence
  • Cyber security awareness for executives
  • Leadership

Security training for exposed private individuals and their families

Our training courses are aimed at increasing the security awareness of your family, especially your children. We rely on experts who are specifically educated to train children.

Training focus:

Awareness training
Security training for children and juveniles

Bespoke training for security forces

Our training programs are based on the most modern methodology and are carried out by experienced trainers and trainers. 

Protection of critical infrastructure

Training for armed and unarmed security forces deployed in critical infrastructures. 

Training of security authorities

Leadership training, crisis and emergency management. Advising authorities on security sector reform.

Our methodology

Security training with a practical focus and very experienced trainers

Every company, every destination and every project is unique. That's why our training courses are based on a modular structure: general principles form the basis for more specific topics - tailored to your needs. 

We teach techniques, use multimedia presentations, present case studies and involve you with your knowledge and experiences - to ensure active learning and in-depth understanding are possible.

“Our training methods follow modern approaches to adult education. Instead of frontal teaching, we rely on a dynamic, interactive experience. This will make your training a memorable experience.”

Sebastian Reis
MBA Security & Safety Management


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Case Study

Travel safety training

Back in 2012, we conducted a single travel safety training course for travelers from a large corporation. 

The training session was so well received that we were awared a corporation-wide framework contract for security awareness training. More than 100 such trainings have been carried out since then in Germany and other European sites. Framework agreement Conduct travel security awareness training at all of the customer's German and European locations.

Training repeaters confirmed that the continuously updated content of the training not only brought new insights, but also significantly strengthened their security awareness.

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Case Study

Training for the children of an executive

After repeated threats due to unpopular business decisions, the family of a corporate executive found themselves the target of multiple threats and intimidating attacks on social media. Concerned about the well-being of their two children, the family turned to us. 

Our experienced trainer taught the children essential security-related content. This boosted their self-confidence and led to a better peace of mind of their parents.

Case Study

HEAT training for German journalists in Ukraine

When the war in Ukraine broke out, various media organistions contacted us. They were in need for a preparation of their correspondents before deployment to the front lines in Ukraine. Within a few weeks, we were able to prepare several groups of journalists for their dangerous but crucial mission. Our Security Advisors accompanied the journalists in country as an additional security layer.

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