Risk Management

To protect against criminal threats such as corruption, burglary, theft, assault, espionage, reputational damage and other events, it is important that companies implement risk and security management. This ensures the stability of business processes.

Security audits

Review and optimization of protection
security audits result group

With site surveys and audits, we examine threats and show you ways to minimize risks.

Auditing of locations

Together with corporate security, we coordinate measures to minimize risks. We can also operate efficiently at short notice.

We offer you a comprehensive review of security measures at your sites or on projects in countries with increased security risks. When you send employees to a location, we check the safety conditions for accommodation and routes in order to guarantee your employees the highest level of safety and to fully fulfill your duty of care.

Auditing of real estate

We examine possible security risks of buildings, hotels and offices with regard to the necessary security measures. 

The goals are to identify weak points and recommend appropriate measures to minimize risks. Our specialist security experts carry out a comprehensive examination.

Auditing of employees and service providers

We support you in identifying and assessing risks in connection with business partners, employees or circumstances.

Our appropriate, thorough reviews are designed to uncover potential risks that could negatively impact your business.

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Pre-employment screenings
  • Executive level background check
  • Business partner screenings
  • OSINT investigations and research
  • Whistleblower and supply chain law


We reduce security risks precisely

Our approach to ensuring security is based on a risk-based methodology. This process begins with a precise identification of the threats the customer needs to be protected from and the risks that need to be mitigated. After identifying the risk profile, specific protection goals are set.

These goals are defined in such a way that the success of the security measures coordinated with them can be measured. We then develop tailored security strategies that are tailored to these goals in order to achieve them as effectively and efficiently as possible. The result is a security concept that is not only extremely effective, but also ensures optimal cost-benefit efficiency.

“We rely on precise security concepts that ensure efficient risk minimization through strategic goal definition.”  

Sebastian Reis
MBA Security & Safety Management


product extortion
Case Study

Retail group security concept

Following a series of incidents at retail locations, there was an urgent need to protect the locations, as well as their employees and customers, from further robberies, ATM blasts, threats and other crimes and to take preventative measures. 

After recording and testing the current security measures at eight locations, a generic security concept was created for the retail group.

reference security audit object security
Case Study

Effective planning and implementation of property security for a new Fintech company location

An emerging fintech company hired Result Group to plan property security for its new corporate headquarters. Highly qualified expert consultants carried out a comprehensive risk assessment and derived strategic protection goals. Based on an individual needs analysis, they developed tailor-made security measures that were not only extremely effective, but also resource-saving. Based on this, they created a requirement specification and helped to identify suitable service providers to implement the measures.
During the planning and construction phase of the site, the consultants continuously adapted the security concept. 

At the end of the project, the customer received a comprehensive security management concept for the site that ensures the protection of critical assets, employees and sensitive data. The company will continue to be supported by Result Group as an external security consultancy.

reference industrial plant safety audit
Case Study

Security audit to prevent theft in an industrial company

A leading medium-sized industrial company was confronted with the theft of raw materials worth a mid-six-figure amount after several subtle incidents and commissioned Result Group to review the factory's security concept. The advisors who had already helped solve the theft and take immediate action knew the situation well.

During a systematic, multi-day audit of the extensive industrial site, the Result Group experts identified numerous security vulnerabilities and inefficient measures. Working closely with the customer, they developed tailored security solutions to ensure that no critical assets were overlooked and resources were not channeled into ineffective security measures. As a result, no further thefts of raw materials or other relevant incidents have been reported since the implementation of the new security measures.

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