Safety-conscious project planning abroad

Seminar in Frankfurt Wed., 05.06.2024. Travel risk management

Wednesday, 05.06.2024 from 13:00-16:30 
House of Logistics & Management: Bessie-Coleman-Straße 7, 60549 Frankfurt aM

Business trips always pose challenges for both travelers and companies, such as the "duty of care" - the obligation of managers to employees - as well as the risk to business success. Travel safety is a controversial and current topic.

Seminar in cooperation with our partner A3M Academy

The seminar will increase your security awareness and provide you with understanding and knowledge about travel risk management. It is aimed at project managers, travel managers, and also decision-makers in companies.

Every internationally active company should prepare projects in line with its current business activities and the global risk situation. A sound travel security management system is not only helpful, it is essential.

The agenda:

  • Global situation description – developments & crystallization points
  • Importance of the global situation for companies
  • Relevant management systems
  • Demarcation (foreign &) travel risk management vs. (travel) security management
  • Selected requirements for companies/employers/senders
  • Designing travel risk management
  • ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management as a new “technical standard”
  • Travel risk management “instruments” (hotline, tracking, monitoring, apps, etc.)

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