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Crisis Management

As a result of our many years of expertise in dealing with crisis situations, we as a German company are a proven cooperation partner for globally operating corporations, family offices and private individuals.

Cyber crises & ransomware attacks

Immediately at your side in the event of a crisis

The recent past has shown that no company is 100 percent protected from cyber attacks. Many companies are completely unprepared.

Cyber attacks are among the critical crises that can endanger the survival of a company.

Immediate response to ransomware attacks

With our 24/7 availability, we can respond quickly and provide immediate assistance to our clients. 

Competent consultants with experience in crisis management can begin work immediately after our customers alert us - because sucessfully managing a crisis requires quick and decisive action.

Avoid cyber crises through preparation

Our experts have looked after dozens of cases in the past few months and can look back on a wealth of experience in crisis management of cyber situations. 

In addition to advising the crisis management teams of affected companies, our skills in conducting negotiations are extremely useful. We tactically defuse the time pressure on the crisis management team so that a clear picture of the situation can be developed for decision-making.

Our professional negotiations were able to reduce damages by millions if a ransom payment was necessary.

Negotiation & crisis management advice

Our main goal is to help you avoid cyber crises that threaten your existence from the outset.

With the help of our holistic 360° risk analysis, we identify your relevant risks and develop appropriate counter strategies.

Increasing resilience includes professional preparation of corporate management and the crisis management team as well as the development of suitable BCM procedures and strengthening your IT infrastructure.

Result Group is part of a multidisciplinary network of experts

Cyber attacks on medium-sized companies

As specialists in the area of crisis management team work and negotiation, our cyber crisis managers are part of the interdisciplinary “Expert Network for Corporate Resilience”. 

ENUR Crisis Management GmbH offers comprehensive preventive advice for a company's cyber security under the “CYBER SHIELD” product. It also supports companies in the event of a cyber attack.

ENUR Cyber Shield

Many medium-sized companies in the DACH region are confronted with rising insurance premiums and falling insurance benefits. 

The ENUR network has developed an exclusive protection concept for medium-sized companies that are looking for an alternative to cyber insurance: The ENUR Cyber Shield.

Your advantages

Individual protection against cyber attacks

Holistic prevention measures and expert support

Onboarding: Comprehensive cyber security check-up

ENUR Crisis Management GmbH

An expert network


Crisis management

Result Group is a leading international consulting firm for global risk and crisis management. 

Our experts advise multinational companies, government institutions and exposed private individuals on how to defend themselves against criminal attacks – 24/7, worldwide.

Sebastian Reis

Sebastian Reis

Senior Consultant
Corporate Security Solutions

yet logo

IT security

@-yet GmbH has been an owner-managed company in the IT security industry since 2002. The company focuses on IT risk and IT security management. 

@-yet is an independent consultant when it comes to IT risk and IT security. There are no contractual relationships with hardware or software providers.

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser

Managing Partner
robert student logo

Risk management / insurance

Part of the Robert Schüler Group, one of the leading owner-managed industrial insurance brokers in Germany. Robert Schüler's customers are medium-sized and large companies from industry, trade and service companies. We have special expertise in the area of risk and crisis insurance (including cyber, kidnapping & blackmail, fraud/embezzlement, product recall/blackmail, D&O/criminal protection risks).

Robert Schöller

Frederik C. Köncke

Managing Partner

oppenhoff logo

IT law and data protection, compliance

Oppenhoff is one of the leading independent law firms in Germany. 

We master the complex challenges of today and tomorrow - and build on the experience of over 110 years of law firm history.

dr. Jürgen Hartung

Dr. Jürgen Hartung

Partner lawyer
orca van loon logo

Crisis communication

ORCA van Loon Communications is Germany's only communications consultancy that operates on the market as an owner-managed company in its third generation. As a strategy consultancy for corporate communications, we secure your reputation and have been providing holistic communications solutions in critical situations for over 60 years. ORCA van Loon specializes in crisis communication, particularly cyber attacks, leadership changes and restructuring processes.

Hendrik Schulze van Loon

Hendrik Schulze van Loon

Managing Partner


cybercase event
Mandatory for every management

Cyber risk management

The threat to IT systems from cybercriminals. This is shown by some sensational cases from the economy. If a company suffers damage, the question quickly arises as to the liability of the responsible managers. 

Dr. Philipp Heinrichs from Oppenhoff gives an overview of the duties of business managers with regard to the establishment and organization of IT security in the company.

ransomware cyber crisis

Beware of cyber attacks

In an exciting workshop format, we will guide you through a typical scenario of a cyber attack - from start to finish.

You will gain interdisciplinary insights into vulnerabilities, the course of cyber attacks as well as prevention and response options. In a subsequent panel discussion, we will highlight current developments and answer your individual questions.

case study cyber
Case Study

Ransomware attack on a “hidden champion”

After a serious ransomware attack on a German medium-sized company, we were called to help through a law firm. The hackers stole highly sensitive documents and patent documentation. They threatened to publish these documents. 

After several weeks of negotiations, we reduced the requested sum from 6 million to a few hundred thousand euros. At the same time, we exchanged all information with the LKA investigators, who followed the trail of the money. To date, the stolen data has not been published, which we monitor with the help of our dark web monitoring.

hacker attack
Case Study

Hacker attack on an energy supplier

After a hacker attack, a southern German energy supplier contacted us. By contacting the perpetrators and carrying out intensive research, we improved the initially very chaotic situation and provided valuable contributions to the evaluation of the damage. 

We supported the crisis management team with valuable information on possible courses of action. Through fast and transparent crisis communication, we were able to minimize the damage to our reputation and motivate the company's employees.

The negotiations revealed that the perpetrators came from Russian-speaking countries, which is why the customer refused to pay a ransom to avoid the risk of sanctions violations. In this case too, we shared our findings in excellent cooperation with the investigating authorities.

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