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Crisis Management

As a result of our many years of expertise in dealing with crisis situations, we as a German company are a proven cooperation partner for globally operating corporations, family offices and private individuals.

Rapid support in emergencies and crises

Our cross-industry expertise makes the difference.

With our experienced team of experts, we offer active support in global crises - in the physical domain and in the cyberspace.

Globally acting insurance companies rely on us and trust on us as crisis advisors in the context of kidnap for ransom and product extortion insurance policies.

Crisis response

With our 24/7 availability, we can respond quickly and provide immediate assistance to our clients.

Competent consultants with experience in crisis management can begin work immediately after our customers alert us - because sucessfully managing a crisis requires quick and decisive action.

Crisis management team support

Crises can last weeks and months and companies often lack the appropriate experience to deal with crises. 

We deploy our experienced consultants to support corporate crisis management teams and help to develop appropriate structures, processes and solutions.


Natural disasters, riots, attacks, outbreaks of violence – disruptive events can affect travelers without warning and worldwide. We specialize in developing solutions in such cases.

Through our local networks and contacts, we ensure an accuracte overview of the situation and can organize the evacuation of affected staff.


The threat to public figures or companies from so-called “hate speech” is constantly increasing. Words are often followed by actions and violence against those affected occurs. 

We support our customers in assessing the threat and develop tailor-made security and protection concepts.

Cyber attacks

Hardly any company is immune to attacks from the cyberspace. Ransomware attacks allow hacker groups to penetrate a company's IT systems. Sensitive data is stolen and encrypted and the promise of release is only made if a ransom is paid. 

We communicate with the perpetrators and coordinate with the responsible law enforcement authorities.

Kidnapping for ransom support

In certain areas of the world, kidnapping people and releasing them for ransom is a lucrative business model for criminals. 

With our response consultants and the corresponding local networks, we support companies or private individuals in resolving such cases - at the company's headquarters and on site. 

Blackmailing and product extortion

Blackmailing food manufacturers by threatening to intentionally contaminate their products is a common crime.

In such cases, Result Group's experienced crisis consultants come into play. They provide support in crisis management and coordination with the responsible authorities.

Our methodology

Our experienced crisis consultants are available to our customers around the clock via proven 24/7 emergency and crisis hotlines.

We have overcome a variety of challenges, solved complex cases, maintain a worldwide network, are an Insurance partner and maintain connections to the relevant authorities. 


Due to the sensitivity of these topics, we would be happy to inform you about our capabilities in a personal conversation.

“We support corporate crisis management teams and develop a response strategy based on our comprehensive expertise.”  

Axel Wochinger


Case Study


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, global air traffic was effectively stopped. Countless people were stranded around the globe.

After an initial request from a group of individuals, Result Group launched a major effort and extracted over 700 people from Latin America to Germany - with specially rented charter aircraft and in close coordination with the local authorities and the Austrian and German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

product extortion
Case Study

Product extortion

In supermarkets, deliberately inserted metal parts appeared in products from a well-known food manufacturer. A short time later, the company received a demand for money from a blackmailer who threatened to continue contaminating products. Result Group supported the customer with crisis management, IT forensics and internal investigations cooperation with the authorities. After narrowing down the range of suspects to an internal perpetrator, a suspect was identified who was arrested by the police.

Case Study


A cargo ship was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden and taken off the Somali coast. The crew was taken hostage and an extensive ransom demand was placed. Consultants from Result Group supported the shipping company's crisis team and the negotiation with the pirates. After more than 2 months of tough negotiations, the ship and crew were released unharmed after payment of a ransom.

missing person search
Case Study

Search for missing person

A company reported that a German employee, apparently due to psychological problems, went missing in a major Chinese city. Contact with the local authorities was made through an assistance partner. A search was initiated in all hospitals and in the district where the missing person had last been seen. These coordinated efforts resulted in the traveler being safely located within just 12 hours. A return flight to Germany was organized and a carer accompanied the person as he was in a poor state of mental health.

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