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Travel Risk Management

We support the security of projects, locations and business processes abroad and protect employees worldwide on business trips.

Travel Risk Management

Advice on setup and implementation

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Sustainable and tailored travel risk management

Ensuring the security of your business travelers, foreign employees, project teams and local employees in their global activities represents a conceptual and organizational challenge.

Construction and advice

We support you in setting up, implementing and implementing travel risk management in your company. 

We would be happy to review the viability of your existing travel risk management to ensure that it corresponds to the current company activities and risk exposure.

Security concepts and risk analyses

Before the project begins and employees are deployed, we carry out comprehensive risk assessments and create security concepts to protect your employees. If necessary, we personally visit the project site to assess local conditions and risks. 

We support you in implementing your duty of care by identifying current threats to your business travelers and deployed employees.

This is how we enable security for your projects and employees

Risk analysis for projects abroad as well as intial assessments to support your budgeting before submitting offers.

Auditing the security measures at your locations or on projects in countries with increased security risks.

Examination the security and safety conditions of accommodation, offices, buildings and routes.

Recommendation and organization of safe means of transport, such as driving services.

Evaluation the existing travel management processes at the project location including medical assistance.

Development of contingency plans for various scenarios such as evacuation or incident handling.

Detailed written report with identified risks and recommendations for the security concept.

External security management

For projects in high-risk regions, we are happy to coordinate security measures so that you can fully concentrate on your business activities.

Security Assistance

We are there to support your employees with security advice and during security incidents – no matter where in the world, no matter what time of day.

emergency hotline

24/7 emergency hotline

Your traveling employees can receive advice and support at any time in emergencies or crisis situations. Our crisis managers and partner networks on site are able to help the affected employees immediately.

Countries city information

Country and city information

Comprehensive information on all countries in the world as well as many major cities. This means business travelers can obtain reliable, comprehensive information about potential risk factors in the destination country before their trip and receive valuable tips on how to behave.

Countries cities information

Always informed about incidents

By linking current risk and location data, we identify relevant risks for your employees and keep you informed. Our partner's smartphone app makes it possible to identify potential risks in real time and make appropriate decisions that increase your security on a business trip. 

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Traveler monitoring

Through monitoring by our security experts, we are able to look after travelers during stays in crisis areas or remote regions and maintain communication 24/7 - so that we can react quickly in the event of unforeseen incidents.

safe transport

Secure transportation

In many countries and cities around the world, due to the security situation, it makes sense for travelers not to use public transport. We organize reliable and safe means of transport and, if necessary, the appropriate security support or personal protection.


Our wide range of security training prepares your employees optimally for their assignments abroad - this fulfills a significant part of your duty of care obligation.

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), lasting several days
  • High Risk Awareness Training (HRAT), lasting several days
  • Country-specific security briefings and webinars
  • Travel safety training, one day
  • E-learning travel safety
  • Driver training for rough terrain

Travel Risk Management – Made in Germany

Since 2014, Result Group, together with A3M Global Monitoring and MD Medicus (a global healthcare service provider), has formed a strong German trio for holistic travel risk management – Made in Germany under the TRISAVO brand.

Assistance for companies

consulting ukraine1

Risk analysis and advice

Continuous monitoring of strategic and tactical changes on the line of contact. Assessment of the security situation. Security audits and decision-making advice.

Preparation and training

Whether engineer, production manager or journalist, we prepare your employees with tailored security training, such as HEAT courses, for their deployments to Ukraine.

Ukraine operational support

Operational support

Logistical and operational support on site, from secure personal transport to medical evacuation by our multilingual security advisors. Evacuations and provision of protective equipment.

Corporate Security Africa2

Risk management in Africa

As your risk management experts, we develop customized security solutions tailored to your business needs in Africa. With our local employees, we support corporate and private customers and the public sector.

Our methodology

Holistic consideration and assessment of security risks, decades of experience and a global network are our strengths.

Our consulting services in the area of travel security are based on the internationally recognized ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Guideline. 

In this way we enable companies to maintain duty of care for the safety of their employees according to a recognized international standard.

“We will work with you to develop a travel security policy that takes your organizational structure, work processes and corporate culture into account.” 

Axel Wochinger


case study Cameroon
Case Study Special

External security management

Initial situation

A development cooperation company won a tender for the multi-year development of infrastructure projects in rural regions of Cameroon. In order to fully concentrate on the project, the company decided to place safety management in the hands of Result Group.


A comprehensive risk analysis was created to identify potential challenges
to identify. A consultant from Result Group carried out an on-site investigation and, together with the security manager appointed by Result Group, developed a comprehensive security concept for the project. Emergency and crisis plans for any developments in the situation have been drawn up.

Security training

Before being deployed by Result Group, the employees deployed in the project were comprehensively trained in HEAT training to promote safety-conscious behavior and impart knowledge of personal risk management.

External security management

The security manager provided by Result Group is deployed at the project site in Cameroon and supports the project employees in security issues, continuously updates the security concept and assesses the development of the security situation. If necessary, he organizes armed escorts from the local gendarmerie in order to secure trips to risk areas.


The customer was able to fully concentrate on project implementation, while Result Group's security experts did everything they could to protect employees from harm through professional security risk management and to enable a long-term successful project.

Travel risk management, security assistance, 24/7 emergency hotline, Ukraine, foreign and travel security
Case Study Special

Enabling foreign projects in crisis areas

Mechanical engineering company

A mechanical engineering company sold a production facility as part of reconstruction projects after the civil war in Syria. The construction and commissioning of this facility outside of Damascus required engineers and technicians to stay on site for a longer period of time. In order to implement the project safely and successfully, Result Group carried out the following measures:

Project risk analysis

A comprehensive risk analysis was created to identify potential challenges
for the project.

On-site exploration

Two Result Group consultants explored the area in Lebanon and Syria. Hotels, routes, hospitals and emergency processes were determined.

Holistic security concept

Based on the factinding results, a comprehensive security concept was developed.

Security training

The employees deployed were trained before their deployment to ensure adequate security awareness.

Logistics support

The organization of local transport from Beirut to Damascus was organised.

Situation observation and monitoring

The security situation was continuously monitored throughout the 1.5-year project period.

Crisis response capabilities

Result Group maintained crisis response capabilities to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.


Our holistic security support enabled the customer to successfully carry out his project in a crisis region. The company fulfilled its duty of care by ensuring the security of its employees
Employees felt well looked after and the installation and commissioning of the system was completed without incidents or delays.

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