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Result Group

Result Group is a leading international consulting firm for global risk and crisis management.

Our experts advise multinational companies, government institutions and exposed private individuals on how to defend themselves against criminal attacks – 24/7, worldwide.


We are proud to look back on an impressive success story characterized by commitment, expertise and innovation.

How it all began

Walfried O. Sauer about the start of the company.

During my more than 20 years in the police force, I have gained extensive experience in the fight against kidnapping, extortion and violent crime. I got to know the state side as well as the needs and hardships of potential and actual victims.

Interview with Axel Wochinger

Managing Director Axel Wochinger on the successful expansion of Result Group.

Interview on the 25th anniversary of Result Group
“We are business enablers” 


Some important steps in our development

Walfried O. Sauer founds Result Group and large retail groups were among the first customers. Result Group takes on the first consulting mandates and quickly becomes known as a provider of top-notch services.
corporate security
Corporate Security
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the USA triggered further strong demand for crisis and emergency response plans for companies. Result Group launches its Corporate Security division and moves into a new office in Grünwald. The breakthrough on the market is successful, and Result Group's consulting services become the quality benchmark in this segment.
Information protection
Information protection and investigations
Result Group develops a holistic concept for protection against industrial espionage, especially in medium-sized businesses. It complements its consulting services with preventive and reactive measures against the theft of sensitve business information.
personal security
Personal security
Result Group reacts to the growing demand of high net-worth clients for highly qualified personal security services. Many of these customers have been loyal to Result Group for more than a decade.
Emergency hotline
Result Group establishes a 24/7 hotline that can be reached around the clock from all over the world. Customers and their employees can report criminal attacks and medical emergencies and will receive immediate support and advice from Result Group's operation's center.
Corporate Security Solutions – International Services
In the world's crisis regions, Result Group's customers, find themselves facing numerous security challenges. Result Group is therefore establishing an international network of specialists who can quickly support their customers on site. Crisis advice and reactive measures, for example in the event of kidnapping and blackmailing, evacuation or personal protection in risk regions, have since become part of our business
governance security
Governance Security
Result Group opens its office in Brussels and launches the Governance Security division. The EU Commission entrusts it with numerous mandates relating to reforms in the security sector in developing countries.
maritime security
Maritime security
Result Group opens its office in Hamburg and builds up the maritime security department. On behalf of large shipping companies, it protects merchant ships from attacks by pirates, especially in the Gulf of Aden. As a result, it is the first company internationally to receive approval from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) to deployed armed security teams as a counter piracy effort.
International Relations
International Relations
Walfried Sauer advised the then Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on delegation trips to Colombia and Mexico. This is followed by further delegation trips with the Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dirk Niebel, to Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.
Opening of the Berlin office
The Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dirk Niebel (FDP), opens the Berlin office of Result Group.
dide's opening
Founding of the German Institute for Democracy Development and Security (DIDES)
Reinhold Robbe, former member of the Bundestag and military commissioner, becomes director of the German Institute for Democracy Development and Security (DIDES), a subsidiary of Result Group. Today DIDES is integrated into Result Group.
New head office in Seeshaupt
Result Group acquires an office building atLake Starnberg and relocates its headquarters . With around 600 square meters of office space, it has provdes a good basis for further growth.
EU projects
Result Group carries out multi-year projects on behalf of the European Commission. These include ISDEP, a project for the early detection of radical tendencies in the fight against terrorism, as well as other projects in countries such as Albania (anti-corruption), Nigeria (maritime security), Afghanistan (risk assessment), Algeria and Cambodia (victim and witness protection programs), Mexico, Colombia, Rwanda, and Iraq.
Stuyd on economic crime
On behalf of Result Group, Forsa and the FAZ Institute are surveying German companies about the damage suffered by economic crime and particularly vulnerable areas for the research study “Criminal risks in medium-sized businesses – dangers, damage and prevention”.
TRISAVO – Travel Risk Management
Result Group starts a strategic cooperation with A3M Global Monitoring and MD Medicus and founds TRISAVO. This holistic provider of travel risk management services focuses on protecting the health and ensuring the security for employees of medium-sized companies, corporations and insurers while travelling abroad.
identity theft
Anti-identity theft project
Result Group will be the consortium leader of the multi-year VISIT project (Victim Support for Identity Theft), a European project to combat identity theft.
20 years of Result Group
Result Group is the oldest owner-managed company of its kind in Germany. It has established itself as a leading international consulting firm for risk and crisis management. Result Group experts advise governmental and non-governmental international organizations, multinational companies as well as exposed individuals and their families in defending against criminal attacks.
Scientific research
Result Group cooperates with Hannover University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the collaboration is to identify and process theoretically and practically relevant research content on the topic of personality and crime.
reference map
Reference map – worldwide projects
Result Group publishes an interactive map with a selection of reference projects that were completed around the world in recent years.
Covid-19 | Humanitarian repatriation flights from Panama and Colombia
On May 25, June 17 and July 10, 2020, Result Group is organizing three humanitarian repatriation flights with chartered commcercial airliners during the global Covid-19 pndemic. ARD, ZDF and Spiegel report. 724 people can return to their home countries despite global air transport being stalled.
Result Group becomes ICoCa member | International Code of Conduct
Result Group was the first major security consultancy in Germany to become a member of ICoCA (International Code of Conduct for Private Security Provider's Association) based in Geneva.
25 years of Result Group
Result Group turns 25
25 years of successful development of Result Group. We stand for integrity – reliability – professionalism.
ISO-9001 certification
ISO 9001 | Quality Management Certification
With our ISO 9001 certification, we demonstrate that our quality management is ready for a consistently high product and service quality.
Axel Wochinger
Axel Wochinger takes over as CEO
Change in leadership at Result Group. As of May 1, 2021, Axel Wochinger took over the role of Managing Director of Result Group.
New location
Change of location at Lake Starnberg
On October 1st we moved into a state-of-the-art office building in Pöcking, also on Lake Starnberg. There, we find a great work environment that allows creative and innovative work and supports our hybrid work approach.
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