New office space on Lake Starnberg: Consistent step towards the future

Change of location at Result Group.

Press release

Pöcking / Lake Starnberg, October 4th, 2022

Moving into new office space at Result Group GmbH is a consistent step towards the future.

With the change of location, the management at Result Group is reacting to the changed work processes and the now fully implemented hybrid working model and the resulting changed requirements for office space. “It is important to us to offer our employees a state-of-the-art workplace in a beautiful location that is easily accessible from the metropolis of Munich,” explains managing director Axel Wochinger. “At the same time, we enable our employees to work from anywhere and only have to be in the office for a few days.”

The globally active management consultancy found what they were looking for on Waldstrasse in Pöcking, not far from the famous Sissi Castle on Lake Starnberg: “Our consultants and security experts travel a lot. Once a month they spend a week at the location so that the bond between the employees is not lost. With modern office equipment and technology, we enable sustainable and creative work on site and mobile,” explains Axel Wochinger. “A great basis for the coming years, with which we can also increase our attractiveness as an employer.”

In order to guarantee future-proof work, in addition to spatial changes, the continuous expansion of technical know-how through internal and external training is also important.

“The move represents a consistent step towards the future for us. We have already received a lot of positive feedback and are pleased to be able to present the new office to our business partners,” concludes Axel Wochinger.

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