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Risk Management

To protect against criminal threats such as corruption, burglary, theft, assault, espionage, reputational damage and other events, it is important that companies implement risk and security management. This ensures the stability of business processes.

Physical and technical security

Security concepts for company locations

Professionally securing company locations is just as crucial as securing company networks.

Physical security

An individual risk-based security concept prevents perpetrators from entering your factory premises or properties undetected.

The areas of structural, technical and organizational/personnel security are developed by us in such a way that the specified protection goals are achieved through the interaction of the measures using as few resources as possible.

Your challenges

Possible questions regarding the physical security of your company locations

Are you planning a new location or would you like to expand an existing one?

Have you had a security incident and would like to know what measures you can take to prevent a similar incident in the future?

Would you like to improve the security of your locations and make this investment as cost-effective as possible?

Would you like to have the security of your locations checked for vulnerabilities?

Do you have no overarching security concept for your properties and do you have no overview of the actual security status?

Would you like to bring the security of your locations to a uniform level and establish a company-wide standard?

If you want to get the most out of your security budget, don't rely solely on the advice of an equipment salesperson.

Instead, we offer you independent and professional security advice tailored to your individual needs.

What is the benefit for your company?

  • Unbiased advice without sales interests in the area of security technology.
  • Highly qualified advice with many years of experience.
  • Concrete and actionable results tailored to your needs.
  • Practical security concepts that have been proven to work.
  • Taking into account the individual characteristics of your company.
  • The cost-benefit ratio as a central factor.

Our methodology

With our many years of experience and expertise, we will work together to find the optimal security solution.

“Many companies invest considerable sums in uncoordinated individual measures. With a professional security concept, you can use your budget more efficiently and make your company more resilient against threats from inside and outside.” 

Sebastian Waldman
Senior Consultant for Property Security

We create an individual one risk analysis, in order to make your previous measures verifiable and to use your resources as precisely as possible.

We derive guidance from the risks verifiable protection goals in order to be able to identify the most efficient measures or check the effect of the existing ones.

We create catalogs of measures, to make existing security measures more effective and to strengthen them with further measures.

We convert the individual measures into one overall concept, so that the interactions, dependencies and synergies are presented in a comprehensible manner.

We advise on the practical implementation and also take over project management as required.


Energy company security incident
Case Study Special

Serious security incident at an energy company

Customer and challenge

An energy company's supply network suffered after a serious arson attack caused damage mid-six figures. Despite their focus on environmentally friendly energy production, they were targeted and were surprised by this targeted act of destruction. The event forced a major reassessment of security strategy.

Strategy adjustment: Comprehensive situation assessment

The Result Group experts were called in for a detailed security audit. The risks were assessed in an extensive process, including a precise determination of the protected assets, such as central system components and sensitive operational infrastructure.

An in-depth analysis of perpetrators and a careful audit of the locations were part of this assessment in order to develop an effective concept of measures that reduces security risks within the framework of an appropriate cost-benefit ratio.

Strategy adjustment: Comprehensive situation assessment

The concept also took into account the upcoming requirements of the KRITIS umbrella law, for which legal advice was included. This ensures that the company will also meet future legal requirements.

Concept development: safety measures put to the test

A holistic security concept was then developed that combines structural, technical, organizational and personnel aspects. The concept is tailored to the customer's specific requirements and takes into account the particular challenge of protecting exposed system parts in open areas.

Core measure: Perimeter detection and intervention

A central component of the security strategy is the introduction of perimeter detection, coupled with a professional intervention concept, to ensure effective protection and minimize potential risks.

Security strategy expansion
Case Study Special

Optimization of the security strategy during expansion

Customer and challenge

A well-known sporting goods manufacturer was planning to expand its central location.
During planning, it was important to clarify how the safety measures of the new facilities could be designed effectively. The manufacturer soon realized that the security technology installers' offerings could not be seamlessly integrated into the existing security concept. The question remained: were these offers profit-oriented or was your own security concept no longer up to date?

Independent advice and current risk assessment

The customer commissioned Result Group to provide independent advice. The consultants analyzed the existing site security concept and the various security technology offerings for the new facilities on site. For this purpose, a current risk assessment was created and the really relevant protected items were identified.

Result and solution finding

The diagnosis was revealing: there were numerous weak points and unnecessary costs in the existing concept. At the same time, it turned out that the new offers were mostly too extensive and overpriced. Result Group then initiated a project to resolve the problems of the existing concept, develop an adequate safety concept for the new facilities and seamlessly integrate both concepts.

Cost saving

Despite consulting costs, the customer was able to save costs in the overall bill. The customer could rely on a functioning security concept.

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