2024 outlook by our analysts

TRISAVO Risk Map 2024
risk map 2024
risk map 2024

The risk map provides global small and medium-sized companies, corporations and business travelers with an overview of the current risk assessment by our analysts.

The events of the past few years continue to influence Risk factors for foreign activities for 2024. The aftereffects of the global pandemic continue to be felt. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is now also having a clear impact in cyberspace. In addition, current events in the Middle East, particularly in the context of Israel, are leading to increased attention on regional powers such as Iran in the context of global security issues. One is created complex mixture from overcome, ongoing and newly emerging crises that challenge international corporate activities. The realization that “states of emergency or crises are becoming the new normal” is becoming increasingly important. Against this background are Resilience and crisis preparedness of increased importance for states, businesses and individual citizens.

The geopolitical tensions continue to show that peaceful and mutually supportive coexistence among states remains a challenge worldwide. The ongoing rivalries between the major powers USA and China as well as the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine mean that peace cannot be expected soon. Events in Israel mark the beginning of a crisis situation that could have far-reaching consequences in a region with complex interests and actors. 
At the same time, Europe is losing out in a coup-ridden and unstable world Africa in influence as Russia and China increase their influence on the continent. In pieces Asia, as in Myanmar, the Kashmir region or the Philippines, conflicts that receive little media attention are becoming more intense. The Risks for German companies’ international business activities are increasing.

In order to meet these challenges and the Duty of care towards employees to fulfill is a holistic one Security risk management for companies required in risk countries. Published in 2021 ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management, recognized as best practice, offers new guidance.

In view of the global dynamics and the associated uncertainties, a comprehensive one is required Crisis and emergency preparedness essential. This includes providing resources to actively support employees on site. One Forward-looking planning for activities in risk areas requires current information and consideration of safety-relevant developments. Additionally is a contact person available at any time necessary to be able to take immediate action if necessary. 

The TRISAVO risk classifications enable an initial basic assessment. They show to what extent and complexity Precautionary measures and Planning difficulties is to be expected. The scale starts at dark green for high comparability with domestic conditions. It ends at dark red, what big Challenges and concrete risks means.

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