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Corporate Intelligence

Verified informations are the foundation of successful decisions. We support you in identifying and assessing risks in connection with business partners, employees or other specific circumstances.

Gain well-founded information – identify and avoid risks

Our team of experts supports you on the strategic and tactical on assessing challenges and taking the right decisions.

Corporate intelligence offers you a variety of benefits

Analysis and risk assessment

By systematically collecting data and analyzing information about potential business partners, customers and applicants, we identify and assess risks such as fraud, financial instability or legal problems at an early stage.

Compliance risk identification

We help you understand and comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards to avoid legal issues and possible sanctions.

decision making

Based on in-depth information and insights, you can make better decisions regarding investments, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. When selecting suppliers, customers and key personnel, we can provide clarity through our screenings.

Building trust

Corporate intelligence helps identifying trustworthy and reliable business partners, which
promotes long-term and stable business relationships.

Protection against reputational damage

We enable companies to identify possible risks in relation to business partners, customers or suppliers at an early stage. This will help you avoid reputational damage that could result from problematic business relationships.

Due diligence screenings

Due diligence describes the appropriate careful examination of potential employees, key personnel or business partners in order to avoid risks such as corruption, money laundering or breaches of sanctions. 

It is your corporate responsibility to make a reasonable effort to identify and avoid risks.

Security and trust in every business relationship

Our background screenings are designed to uncover possible legal or ethical risks that could negatively impact your business. By checking references, professional history and financial stability, you will gain a comprehensive picture of the trustworthiness and competence of the person or company in question.

Pre-employment screenings

We support HR departments, compliance departments and HR consultancies in sustainable selection of personnel.

It is of great importance to carefully review the appointment of positions with high responsibility, decision-making authority or access to sensitive data and values.

With pre-employment screenings, bad decisions can be prevented and thus possible legal consequences, reputational damage or financial losses can be averted. 

Up to 5 examination levels depending on the industry and activity

1. Verification of personal information

Identity and address verification to ensure the applicant is who they say they are.

2. Reference checking

Contacting former employers or educational institutions to verify the applicant's information. 

3. Qualification test

Confirmation of transcripts, diplomas or certificates to ensure that the applicant has the required qualifications. Checking the authenticity of application documents. 

4. Work permit

Verification of eligibility to work in the respective country. 

5. Credit and Financial Check

Verifying the applicant's financial stability for positions that involve handling money or confidential information.

Executive level background check

An executive level background check is an in-depth version of pre-employment screening, which is specifically aimed at managerial or high-level positions.

Pre-employment screenings with additional services

In-depth background checks

Verifying the identity of people or companies to ensure that they actually exist and that the information provided is correct. 

Review of business interests and possible conflicts of interest

Investigating business relationships, investments or affiliations that could give rise to a conflict of interest.

Reputation checks

Evaluate the applicant's reputation in the industry and market, including a review of press articles, social media and other publicly available information.

Behavioral and psychometric assessments

Assessment of the personality, leadership skills and cultural fit of the applicant within the organization.

When it comes to international takeovers and acquistions , it is particularly important to carefully consider and examine all relevant factors in connection with the key people.

This way, unpleasant surprises can be avoided and business success can be ensured.

Business partner screenings (KYC / KYBP)

Business partner screening is a process in which future business partners, customers or suppliers are preventively screened in order to identify and assess risks associated with these business relationships. 

The screening serves to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of business partners and to minimize possible financial, legal or reputational risks.

Business partner screenings can include the following services:

1. Identity verification

Verifying the identity of people or companies to ensure that they actually exist and that the information provided is correct.

2. Background check

Researching information about the past and background of people or companies, such as: B. previous business activities, legal disputes, fraud or bankruptcies. 

3. Compliance check

Verifying whether the prospective business partner complies with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards, such as: anti-corruption laws, data protection regulations or export controls. 

4. Sanctions list and embargo check

Checking whether the potential business partner is on sanctions lists or embargo lists published by national or international authorities. 

5. Financial evaluation

Analysis of the financial stability and profitability of the future business partner in order to estimate the financial risk of a business relationship. 

6. Reputation check

Research information about the reputation of the potential business partner, such as: customer reviews, press reports or social media. 

7. UBO checks (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

Analysis of the network behind owners or relevant shareholders. 

8. On-site investigations

If necessary, our investigators carry out research locally or internationally. 

Invest in a careful review and create the basis for a trusting and successful collaboration.

OSINT investigations and research

Regardless of the recruitment process or the establishment of new business relationships, questions arise in business life about the background of company networks, business models, connections with state institutions or comparable issues.

Obtaining valuable information from publicly available sources

Our analysts research by using all available information from OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) on the Surface Web, the Deep Web (databases) and the Dark Web and prepare comprehensive reports to answer your specific questions. 

If necessary, insights can be obtained using covered surveillance and observation methods or on-site investigations to condense or confirm information obtained by desktop research.

Whistleblower Policy and Supply Chain Act

Significant developments have occurred in the area of compliance management in recent years.

We support you in meeting these new standards.

Compliance risk identification

Our support includes:

Providing the technical infrastructure for anonymous reporting on compliance violations in your company.

Analysis and interpretation of information from whistleblowers as well as coordinating investigative activities with you.

Covert auditing and verification of your suppliers through OSINT research and on-site investigations.

Our experts

Our due diligence and compliance risk management consultants have university degrees in relevant areas such as security and safety management, security engineering, international relations and politics.

Our investigators and analysts have experience in areas such as law enforcement, military, intelligence and corporate security and have certifications as compliance managers.

Security and trust are the basis of every business relationship - we support you in this.


corporate intelligence
Case Study Special

Background check

Executive level background check

The board of a partially state-owned non-profit company had to replace management positions following internal incidents.
The board was concerned about the risk of further reputational damage and liability issues. Therefore, great importance was placed on ensuring that candidates for these roles had proven high levels of integrity and no history of compliance violations.

The outcome

By implementing thorough background checks, the customer was able to operate in full GDPR compliance and document that all necessary due diligence obligations were met. This ensured that in the event of an unexpected incident, all reasonable measures had been demonstrably taken to reduce risks that could have caused further reputational damage to a minimum.

Use of specialized expertise

Result Group used an experienced employee with a law enforcement background to carry out the background check. This approach ensured familiarity with particular research methods.

OSINT research and background check methodology

Digital in-depth research:
A comprehensive search for openly available information on the Internet was carried out using OSINT. Search engines, special operators and reverse searches were used.
Social media screening:
Profiles and activities on social media platforms were carefully checked and the information obtained was verified.
Reference Check: Academic and professional credentials were confirmed through direct inquiries to universities and previous employers.
Database analysis: Relevant databases were searched to analyze press reports, entries on sanctions and watch lists, commercial registers and company information.
DarkWeb Investigations:
Using special search tools, even the DarkWeb was searched for possible connections or information.
Risk assessment:
Results were summarized, a risk assessment was carried out and recommendations were made in order to create a solid basis for business decisions.

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