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Risk Management

To protect against criminal threats such as corruption, burglary, theft, assault, espionage, reputational damage and other events, it is important that companies implement risk and security management. This ensures the stability of business processes.

Business Continuity Management

Ensuring the stability of business processes and creating corporate resilience

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is part of a company's business resilience and therefore an essential component of functional risk management.

Governance framework

We will develop one in collaboration with you Organizational strategy and a governance framework, that determines the scope of your business continuity program.

We take into account your existing plans, similarities and differences to best practices and ISO 22301 standards.

Damage reduction through risk management strategy

From our over 25 years of experience at Result Group, we know that the key to effective business resilience lies in the willingness to identify risks early, classify them and take appropriate measures to deal with them. 

Business continuity management builds on this and ensures that the ability to work is maintained in the event of disruptions, incidents or emergencies.

Tailored training and exercises

After carrying out the BIAs and creating the plans, we develop individually tailored training and exercises for implementation in your organization. 

Our team of experts designs each training and exercise to suit your operational structure, risk profile and goals, with workshops ranging from simulations and moderated discussions to realistic scenarios.

Our experts work with you to develop and implement robust risk and business continuity management.

Our goal is to strengthen your organization or company so that you can act confidently even in difficult times.


case study pharmaceutical company
Case Study

Risk and BCM concept for pharmaceutical companies

During the Corona pandemic, a global pharmaceutical company that was a critical supplier in the area of vaccine production contacted us. Due to the pandemic situation, the company was asked by the customers to develop and implement a risk and BCM concept. 

During several plant inspections and risk management audits, Result Group consultants were able to generate substantial insights. These led to a fundamentally redesigned and comprehensive risk management structure. Within just a few weeks, the pharmaceutical company was able to meet the highest demands of its customers and secure extremely lucrative orders.

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