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Tailored to the individual threat level, our solutions ensure the highest level of security without compromising one`s privacy.

Risk analysis

Identify vulnerabilities and assess risks

personal protection risk analysis

Our team of experts is available to assist you on both a strategic and tactical level to assess challenges and support your decision making process.

The process of our risk analysis

As a first step, we carry out a comprehensive risk and threat analysis to identify your vulnerability or threat level.

A comprehensive, confidential conversation with an initial assessment

Assessing exposure in the cyberspace. Comprehensive research in the open and hidden part of the Internet (Dark Web).

Assessment of physical security by examining residential properties, routine routes and other locations.

Viewing the situation from a perpetrator's perspective in order to identify possible gateways and attack vectors.

Your individual security concept

Our holistic approach aims at disrupting your privacy as little as possible.

The concept is based on a thorough analysis of risks and threats. Our experienced consultants work closely with you.

Residential security

You want to feel safe and secure in your home. We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the technical and structural security aspects of your residential property, identify possible weak points and make recommendations for optimization.

Temporary property protection
In the case of longer absences, personal property protection can be useful.

Emergency and crisis hotline

You want to have direct contact with experienced security experts at all times so that you can react to current threats in real time. 

Suspicious observations, specific questions about upcoming trips, assessments of certain risks and all other questions relating to your personal security can be discussed 24/7 via our emergency and crisis hotline.

If necessary, GPS trackers can be provided to enable access to your location data in an emergency.

Personal protection

You and your family needs to be protected and accompanied discreetly and unobtrusively at home and abroad.

Our focus is on a providing a protective shield through covert personal protection and targeted educational measures. This involves unobtrusive local surveillance in order to identify potential perpetrators already the prepararation phase of a crime against you.

For increased threat levels, we provide direct, armed personal protection.

Security training

Our security training courses serve to raise awareness and provide concrete knowledge of how to deal with security risks.

Our training courses are designed for you, your house staff other employees. We offer awareness training for children and juveniles using highly experienced trainers.

The training includes topics such as:

Insights into criminal behavior, recognition and assessment of suspicious situations, correct behavior in threatening situations and dealing with specific dangers.

We pay particular attention to sensible preventive measures and dealing with the digital world.

Travel security

You want to travel carefree. We take care of your security before and during your trips abroad.
Possible support:

  • Security advice for your travel destinations (city and country-specific security risks)
  • Risk analysis and advance exploration of locations and buildings before your arrival
  • Organization of security personnel at the destination (drivers and security escort)
  • Access to our global network with local expertise
  • Providing a global emergency and warning app

Protective intelligence

Your personal cybersecurity. Dangers are increasingly lurking in the digital world. Criminals exploit security gaps, misuse personal data, spy on behavior patterns and turn them into crimes - from extortion and data theft to burglaries and kidnappings.

We identify threats in the digital space and take preventative measures for you and your family. This enables an appropriate response to potential digital threats such as cyberstalking, identity theft and online harassment.

Premium event protection

We offer protection for special events with the highest demands:

  • Flexible and comprehensive security concept by professional consultants
  • Highly qualified security staff with many years of experience
  • Discreet and professional appearance


“Despite higher costs, customers who have experienced our service do not return to standard providers – they appreciate the added value we offer.” 
Sebastian Waldmann, security manager BA

Typical events can we protect:

  • Conferences with high-ranking VIPs
  • Corporate events, which require highly professional appearance.
  • Events with increased security levels, for example because of
    particularly vulnerable guests.
  • Private events, such as weddings and family gatherings, where discreet security from specialists is expected.


How do we work?

  • We develop a comprehensive security concept with an underlying risk assessment.
  • We deploy a team of experienced and well qualified specialists including active bodyguards and former security agency personnel.
  • The operations manager is highly experienced in the field of
    event security.
  • The team is working independent and professional according to the highest standards.
  • Service is a central focus. Our staff is characterized by a friendly demeanor and proactive thinking. Our goal is to ensure your event runs smoothly and secure.

Personal emergency and crisis plans

In a crisis situation, every minute counts.

We create personal security dossiers for you and develop a tailor-made action plan for emergencies.

This ensures a structured and consistent approach that can be initiated from the get go.

Additional Services

Backgrounds checks on house staff and employees

You want to ensure your house staff and employees do not have criminal backgrounds. We reduce this potential risk through unobtrusive background checks.

Personal security management

You have various security topics that keep you busy for a few hours a month, but don't need a permanent security employee? We take over your personal security management and handle those topics.

Continuous training for existing protective details

Only regular and continuous training
ensures that you remain able to act in emergencies.
We offer a diverse selection of training courses
and further training opportunities for personal protection specialists.

Professional crisis management

Our measures are primarily aimed at preventing threats from the outset.
However, since absolute safety cannot be guaranteed, we are there to help in an emergency and support your personal crisis management. Whether in the case of threats, blackmail, kidnapping or other extreme situations. We coordinate and communicate with the relevant authorities.

Our methodology

We develop tailor-made solutions for the individual circumstances of our protectees and offer security without compromising privacy.

Our experienced security experts conduct a 360-degree analysis aimed at taking into account all security-related factors:
Our highly trained Senior Consultants will advise you in detail and form a personal protection detail that is right for you.

Our bodyguards, who act as your operational security manager on site, have predominantly worked in military, police and intelligence units. They have many years of experience in the private security industry.

Arms If armed protection is authorized by the authorities due to the threat level, our bodyguards are equipped with concealed firearms.

“Ensuring the security and protection of exposed individuals has been our mission for over 25 years.”

Daniel Kitzig
Senior Consultant


case study covert personal protection
Case Study

Covert personal protection

A comprehensive protective security plan was implemented for the sole heir to a corporate dynasty for his trip to Asia. In addition to covert personal protection, he was also equipped with GPS trackers that enabled his position to be continuously monitored.

threat board
Case Study

Threat management

The CEO of a global corporation was confronted with massive threats. Given the suspicion that surveillance activities had also taken place at his private residence, Result Group's consultants developed a comprehensive security concept to ensure the protection and wellbeing of the client and his family. This included a covertly operating protection specialist and intervention capabilities to quickly and appropriately respond in critical or dangerous situations.

Case Study

Event protection

The client holds an annual conference at a luxury hotel. Participants are high-ranking guests from business and politics. The organizers want to offer a cozy and informal atmosphere and ensure high security standards - but as discreet and invisibe as possible. 

This challenge requires highly qualified personnel that can blend into the ecent but be able to act effectively when needed.
The implementation of this demanding concept can only be realized with experienced and professional security specialists.

reference private security reconnaissance
Case Study

Family security: covert personal protection

The case concerned a high-ranking individual who, despite the high risk situation, wanted to avoid being accompanied directly by bodyguards. In order to ensure the security of the principal's family without disrupting everyday's life, a covert protection concept was developed. This approach allowed to discreetly monitor and recognize any potential preparatory stages of possible criminal activity, thereby effectively minimizing security risks.

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