How it all began

Walfried o. Sauer

Dear reader,
Dear Reader,

We are celebrating a milestone birthday with joy: 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of our company, Result Group. On this occasion I have been asked again and again about how it all began and how we became what we are. Reason enough to look back – combined with pride in what we have achieved together.

Many of you, like me, will remember the hijacking of the Lufthansa Landshut plane in 1977. When Palestinian terrorists tried to free RAF members imprisoned in Germany, the GSG 9 achieved a spectacular coup: at Mogadishu airport, they were able to free all of the still living hostages from the plane unharmed. This was a formative event for me growing up. I was so impressed by the professionalism of the work of special police units that I have decided on my career choice ever since. And in fact: not too many years later, I was one of them myself.

During my more than 20 years in the police force, I have gained extensive experience in the fight against kidnapping, extortion and violent crime. I got to know the state side as well as the needs and hardships of potential and actual victims. And it didn't go unnoticed by me that even back then, companies of all sizes urgently but all too often unsuccessfully sought professional crisis advice. Advice on criminal attacks in general, but particularly with the aim of preventing specific risks that business activities outside of Germany entail. This gave rise to the idea of not only providing companies and private individuals at risk with experienced specialists at the highest level, but also, if necessary, effectively protecting those at risk at every step. Since then, many excellently trained colleagues who had to leave the special forces at around the age of 40 for reasons of age have found a new, fulfilling sphere of activity at Result Group.

From today's perspective, we fulfilled our first orders pretty handily. There was no stationery, no business cards and – apart from the basement in my apartment building – not even an office, let alone a website. But the first employees, all of whom were friends of mine and former colleagues, were full of enthusiasm and everyone really enjoyed it.

I went from being a civil servant to being an entrepreneur almost overnight. Word quickly spread about the quality of our work, and Result Group began to grow continuously. It quickly became clear that we not only needed a real office, but also professional administration. So we moved into our first real business premises in the Munich suburb of Grünwald with new staff for secretariat and accounting and gradually strengthened ourselves with additional security experts. It was a foregone conclusion: Result Group should always be the first choice of corporate customers when it came to risk prevention and crisis management. Today, after 25 years of hard work with highly motivated teams, we have achieved this goal and much more.

Result Group has now successfully completed hundreds of mandates, and we are present worldwide with our three business areas Corporate, Government and Private Security Solutions. Whether it's product extortion in Europe, the kidnapping of expats in Central America, economic espionage in China or merchant ships hijacked by pirates off Somalia - Result Group is there to support its clients around the clock, 365 days a year. This is made possible by our valued customers on the one hand and our excellent employees and their families on the other. You all deserve my recognition and my sincere thanks.

Walfried O. Sauer
Owner of Result Group GmbH

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