Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Impression of training. Exclusive HEAT training for journalists to prepare for deployment in Ukraine.
Hostile Environment Awareness Training HEAT

Topic of the training

A Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is recommended for traveling to countries where, in addition to a high risk of crime, there is also an increased risk of Kidnappings, hostilities, terrorist attacks and serious political unrest consist.

Intensive preparation before sending employees to crisis areas (5 days)

  • Dealing with the potential dangers
  • Preventive measures for high-risk regions
  • Learning appropriate behavior in critical situations.

target group

Anyone who works in high-risk areas and can therefore be exposed to increased risk.

Excerpt from the contents

  • Personal risk management (analysis of risk potential, emergency planning, e.g. for evacuation)
  • Communication and orientation
  • Behavior in particularly dangerous situations (accidents, riots, attacks, shelling, hostage-taking/kidnapping, being unexpectedly on your own)
  • Emergency medical first aid
  • Off-road trips, planning and implementation of overland trips, technical (self-)help
  • Etc.

The training is held in German.


Munich north-east area and Pöcking on Lake Starnberg


Experts from Result Group GmbH Global Risk and Crisis Management.
Our trainers were stationed in high-risk countries themselves and work on mitigation and prevention for operations in high-risk areas as part of their daily tasks. As former members of military units with special assignments, they are specially trained and experienced in operations in crisis areas and trained for training. An external specialist lecturer is responsible for first aid.

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